Friday, February 4, 2011

My visit to South Korea...

'Anneyong haseyo!',,The greeting that I learned from a pocket dictionary of Korean language is now playing on the lips once we stepped out from Korean Airlines plane.The runway space of Incheon International Airport been covered with white mist.Thus the exhaustion of 6 hours and 30 minutes journey seems to fade away when we inhaled the morning air of South Korea..

Initially, I conceived the beautiful flowering landscape along the way from the airport to Seoul city.So long as,the first description was apparently different when a row of apertments and paddy fields decorate our journey from Incheon to Seoul.A lot of sakura trees along highway the only living branch.The trees usually bloom in late March until early April.It seemed that we were 2 weeks late.

Before departing to Jeju Island that located in the Southern mainland South Korea,we visited some interesting places such as Korean National Folk Museum,Gyeongbok Palace,and Presidential Blue House.The presindental Blue House is the residental area of Korean Presiden which also known as White House.Vehicles are not allowed to stop at the residental area and also cannot capture any pictures.

In the late afternoon,my family and I went to Jeju Island which known as 'paradise honeymoon' among the local population.I smiled when seeing young couple dressed alike and holding hands went out from plane.Dizzy rain welcomed us in Jeju Island.Before we have our dinner and check in to Hotel Robero,we stopped at Yongduam Rock (Dragin Head Rock),an area of rocks which formed like a 'dragon' at beach.Dark night does not prevent us from taking pictures against a background of the 'dragon'.The digital camera in hand become our best friend.

In the next day,we went back to the mainland of South Korea.We continue to go to the shooting locations of Jewel in the Palace in Studio Filming MBC and Winter Sonata directly embedded in the hearts of visitors since at each corner it was emblozoned with signs that the romantic scenes are recorded there.In Nami Island,I have managed to take hundreds of picturea of sakura trees.

 We spent the night at Daemyung Resort,Mount Sorak.I had the opportunity to experience sleeping on the floor which the Korean people's tradition.On the next day,the journet continued to Seoraksan National park,Daepohang Fish Market and stopped a while at one the location which is the Autumn in my herat's drama scene before heading to a Ski Resort,Vivaldi Park.

One of place that cannot be forgotten is Everland Park.It is theme park that also known as disneyland which belongs to Samsung.Activities in Seoul is different from the activities inthe places that we visited.There are many interesting places that we have visited but now what we are waiting for is the shopping agenda at Daemdayung and Myeong Dung Complex which almost ten times greater than Petaling Street.

On the last day in Seoul,we feel reluctant to return to Malaysia.We feel short of time elapsed.It is that sure,the spring fragrance of South Korea will continue to remmebered in our mind.I hope to come again in the coming winter.Dasi Mannagilo,Korea!...

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